We provide software and services to organizations active in the electric vehicle ecosystem.

Promoting EVs to your community? Let us help, at every step of the consumer journey.

Consumer Journey Step How We Help You
Become Aware that EVs Are Viable
Smarter approach to customer awareness:
  • Outreach strategy
  • Data-driven consumer targeting
Research EVs
Interfaces and widgets customized for your online presence:
  • Virtual vehicle and EVSE showcase + guide
  • Customized incentive estimation
  • Cost & emissions estimation
Test Drive EVs
Bringing physical EVs to all:
  • Ride and Drive events (with partner)
  • Strategy for physical showcase
  • Home test drive offering
Acquire Vehicle and Home Charger
Remove all obstacles to purchase:
  • Dealer engagement support with PlugStar
  • EVSE installer engagement support
  • Incentive strategy & administration
Drive and Charge
Ensure smooth EV experience:
  • Consumer feedback and survey administration
  • EV driver community administration
  • Program performance tracking

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Enrich your website with EV market data and customer-specific insights.

Top Vehicles by Electric Range

Range is the number 1 concern for EV buyers. Show your stakeholders how far EVs can take them on one charge.

For: Utilities, Rideshare, Employers, EV Advocates

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Top Sellers

Some prospective EV buyers worry that the technology is too novel. Show sales data to alleviate fears - and help customers understand the most popular options.

For: Utilities, Rideshare, Employers, EV Advocates

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Individual Vehicle and EVSE Incentives

Would you like to show your customers the exact incentives they are eligible for, based on location, income, etc.? We can help.

For: OEMs, EVSE manufacturers, Dealerships, Rideshare

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Local Emissions from Electricity

Emissions reduction is a key attribute for some EV customers. Show your stakeholders how much they can expect by driving an EV.

For: OEMs, Utilities, Employers, Dealerships, EV Advocates

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Local EV Dealers and Electricians

Most auto dealers struggle to provide a high-quality experience, and electricians are not always familiar with EV charging. Show your stakeholders the best dealers and EVSE installers in their area.

For: OEMs, Utilities, Employers, Rideshare, EV Advocates

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Data and APIs for all your analysis and customer engagement needs.

Electric Vehicles

Price, range, reviews, safety, sales, cost of ownership...


For vehicles, EVSEs, electricity discounts, perks...


Price, specs, charging speed, ...

EV Dealers

Certifications, customer reviews, contact information...


Location, contact information, manufacturer network membership...

Ride and Drive Events

Organizer, venue, dates, available vehicles...

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We help you put it all together with bespoke consulting services.

Customer engagement

  • End-to-end customer engagement strategy
  • Data-driven consumer targeting
  • Incentive strategy & administration
  • Metrics and performance tracking

EV Software integration

  • ZappyRide platform white labelling
  • Multi-platform engagement software
  • Cross-application integration
  • API deployment


  • Customer behaviors & preferences
  • Survey design and administration
  • Performance analytics

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