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42% of US households could use an electric vehicle. How about you?

Our shopping assistant covers incentives, charging stations, range, cost comparison, and more.

Browse, select and compare electric cars models, and find which ones best fit your needs and budget.

Find dealers that are knowledgeable about electric cars. Consult reviews by consumers like you, and submit yours.

Explore incentives available in your area.

Estimate vehicle incentives based on your specific situation.

What is the best way to charge your electric car at home? Evaluate your options.

An electric car may pollute more or less than a gasoline car, depending on your local electricity mix.

We help potential electric car buyers make the right decisions, using data and analytics.


We work to help you get the best out of electric vehicles, across all brands and dealers.

And if an electric car is not right for you, we tell you that, too.


We leverage hard industry data, not gut feelings, to help you make decisions.


We constantly update our databases to get you the latest information.

We provide software and services to organizations active in the electric vehicle ecosystem.

We work with a wide range of clients and partners.

Electric Utilities

Electric utilities use ZappyRide to engage their customers along their electric car journey.


Auto dealerships in the ZappyRide network receive new streams of EV-aware customers.


Electric vehicles have lower variable cost and can be particularly suited to rideshare use cases. We help rideshare drivers make the right vehicle decisions.

Automotive OEMs

With ZappyRide, automotive OEMs increase sales and uncover customer insights.


Companies use ZappyRide to inform their transportation electrification efforts, including corporate fleets and employee vehicles.


We provide advanced tools to EV advocacy organizations.

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